Our Story

We are two brothers with Aegean roots who have spent much time working, studying, and traveling in the Levant and realize it faces a host of challenges. At the same time our experiences there have opened our eyes to a new generation from the Eastern Mediterranean who work against the odds to keep the spirit of the region alive. 

From the entrepreneurs and artists to the ramshackle beach side cafes and shawarma stands we are dedicated to shedding light on the spirit, creativity, and complexity of the Eastern Mediterranean. 



The name for this region, the Levant, comes from the French word Levant, meaning where the sun rises. Historically the region encapsulates the entire Mediterranean east of Italy, but even then, the definition is murky. 


In many ways the Levant cannot, and in our opinion should not, be tied down by geographic boundaries. It is as much about mindset and outlook as it is topography.

Our Vision

We hope to inspire our followers to take part in the resurgence, exploring the Levant’s businesses, markets, and regions responsibly with one eye towards its history and one towards its future.  


In true levantine spirit, we seek to highlight all those who make the Levant what it is today through travel, dialogue, innovation, and sustainable development while preserving its Mediterranean essence.